Student-Based Budgeting Plus (SBB+)

For more than 10 years, DPS has been empowering its schools by moving budgeting and decision-making power and responsibility to school leaders and their teams. In 2009, student-based budgeting was implemented, which allocates funds to schools on a per-pupil basis, based on student need. School leaders then make the decisions of how to spend these funds.

As new school types arose, schools requested additional flexibilities, which were allowed by DPS Board Policy ADE. The SBB+ funding model was created to meet that need. Innovative Management Organizations (IMOs) and Innovation Zones (iZones) can currently access SBB+, through which they can select or opt out of additional district services and, in most cases, receive the associated funds.

View the current SBB+ menu of services, and please contact Lauren Anderson, Manager of Flexibilities and School Support, if you have any questions about SBB+.

Three elementary school boys standing arm-in-arm in front of a playground