School Performance Framework

The School Performance Framework, or SPF, measures many important aspects of what we know makes a great school – such as how satisfied students and parents are, how much students have improved their scores on state tests from year to year, and how well the school serves and challenges all of its students. The SPF allows DPS to know where a school is making progress and to identify areas to focus on for improvement. Learn about how we provide oversight and support to schools.

The SPF is published annually for all schools in the DPS family of schools, regardless of school model type. View our school model types. The SPF is a critical tool in many of the processes led by the Portfolio Management Team. The SPF production is a collaboration between the Portfolio Management Team and the district’s Accountability, Research and Evaluation (ARE) Team.

Visit the SPF website to learn more about the School Performance Framework, and visit our family of schools page to easily find the most recent SPF reports on each DPS school.