Provide Oversight and Support

Denver Public Schools is committed to helping each school in our family of schools reach its goals. Whether a school is trying to move from good to great or has many improvement needs, we provide oversight and support through our Tiered Support Framework (TSF) and our Tiered Quality Assurance (TQA) processes. Also, we evaluate the quality and success of those supports and help spread best practices to the entire family of schools.

How We Oversee and Support

Tiered Support Framework

As part of the Tiered Support Framework (TSF), DPS reviews district-run traditional and district-run innovation schools annually to determine the level of supports to provide. The TSF model is based on SPF performance and other indicators and identifies schools for earlier supports and interventions.

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Tiered Quality Assurance

Like district-run schools, DPS charter schools are also held accountable for their performance, but as autonomous schools, they are responsible for their own school improvement efforts. We monitor charter school performance and, through Tiered Quality Assurance (TQA), offer optional supports as needed or requested.

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