Family of Schools

Elementary students standing in a group together

DPS believes that those closest to students – families and school leaders – know what’s best for their students academically, socially and emotionally, so we offer diverse school models that promote school empowerment and family choice to meet diverse needs. Learn more about our school autonomy model and our family choice model.

The table below lists the different types of schools that make up the DPS family of schools.

Types of schools

What is a district-run traditional school?

District-run traditional schools are public schools that are directly run and overseen by the district. They follow all state requirements and DPS Board of Education policies, without the ability to have waivers.

NameGrades (at scale)SPF Rating (2018-19)
Academia Ana Marie SandovalE-6Accredited on Priority Watch
Asbury ElementaryK-5Accredited on Watch
Barnum Elementary SchoolE-5Meets Expectations
Bradley International SchoolE-5Meets Expectations
Bromwell Elementary SchoolE-5Distinguished
Brown International AcademyE-5Accredited on Watch
Bruce Randolph School6-12Accredited on Watch
Bryant-Webster Dual Language ECE-8 SchoolE-8Meets Exectations
Career Education Center Early College9-12Accredited on Watch
Carson Elementary SchoolK-5Distinguished
Castro Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
Cheltenham Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
CMS Community SchoolE-5Meets Expectations
Colfax Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
College View Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
Columbian Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Priority Watch
Columbine Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
Contemporary Learning Academy HS9-12Accredited on Watch
Cory Elementary School1-5Distinguished
Cowell Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
DELTA High School9-12Accredited on Watch
Denison MontessoriE-6Meets Expectations
Denver Center For International Studies 6-12Accredited on Probation
Denver Online High School9-12Meets Expectations
Denver School of the Arts6-12Distinguished
Dora Moore ECE-8 SchoolK-8Meets Expectations
Doull Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
Eagleton Elementary SchoolE-5Meets Expectations
East High School9-12Accredited on Watch
Edison Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
Ellis Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Probation
Emily Griffith High School9-12Accredited on Watch
Escalante-Biggs AcademyE-KMeets Expectations
Fairview Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
Farrell B. Howell ECE-8 SchoolE-8Accredited on Probation
Florence Crittenton High School9-12Accredited on Probation
Florida Pitt Waller ECE-8 SchoolE-8Accredited on Watch
Force Elementary SchoolE-5Meets Expectations
Garden Place AcademyE-6Accredited on Watch
George Washington High School9-12Accredited on Watch
Gilliam School4-12
Grant Ranch ECE-8 SchoolE-8Accredited on Watch
Gust ElementaryE-5Meets Expectations
Hallett AcademyE-5Accredited on Probation Watch
Hamilton Middle School6-8Accredited on Watch
Hill Campus of Arts & Sciences6-8Accredited on Watch
Holm ElementaryE-5Meets Expectations
John F. Kennedy9-12Accredited on Probation
Johnson Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
Kaiser Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Probation
Knapp Elementary SchoolE-5Meets Expectations
Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy ESK-12Accredited on Watch
Lake International School, part of the Lake Skinner School Partnership6-8Accredited on Probation
Lena ArchuletaK-5Meets Expectations
Lincoln ElementaryE-5Accredited on Watch
Lowry Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
Marie L. Greenwood AcademyE-8Accredited on Priority Watch
Marrama Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
Math and Science Leadership AcademyK-5Meets Expectations
Maxwell Elementary SchoolE-5Meets Expectations
McKinley-Thatcher Elementary SchoolE-5Meets Expectations
McMeen Elementary School E-5Meets Expectations
Montbello Career and Technical High School9-12Accredited on Priority Watch
Munroe Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
Newlon Elementary SchoolE-5Meets Expectations
Noel Community Arts6-12Accredited on Priority Watch
North High School9-12Accredited on Watch
North High School Engagement Center9-12Meets Expectations
P.R.E.P. Academy 6-12Accredited on Probation
Palmer Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
Park Hill SchoolE-5Meets Expectations
Pascual LeDoux AcademyEDistinguished
Place Bridge AcademyE-8Accredited on Watch
Polaris Elementary SchoolE-5Distinguished
Respect Academy9-12Accredited on Priority Watch
Sabin World SchoolE-5Meets Expectations
Samuels Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Watch
Sandra Todd-Williams AcademyEDistinguished
Slavens K-8 SchoolE-8Distinguished
Skinner Middle School, part of the Lake Skinner School Partnership6-8Accredited on Watch
SmithE-5Accredited on Watch
South High School9-12Accredited on Priority Watch
SouthmoorE-5Accredited on Watch
Steck Elementary SchoolE-5Distinguished
Stedman Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Priority Watch
Steele Elementary SchoolK-5Meets Expectations
Stephen Knight Center for Early EducationE-KMeets Expectations
Swansea Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on Priority Watch
Teller Elementary SchoolE-5Distinguished
Thomas Jefferson High School9-12Accredited on Watch
Traylor AcademyE-5Accredited on Watch
University Park Elementary SchoolK-5Accredited on Watch
Westerly Creek Elementary E-5Meets Expectations
West Middle School6-8N/A - Reunification of West Early College and West Leadership Academy
West High School9-12N/A - Reunification of West Early College and West Leadership Academy
William (Bill) RobertsE-5Meets Expectations

What is a district-run innovation school?

District-run innovation schools are district-managed public schools with a strategic plan that allows waivers to specific district policies, state statutes, and collective bargaining agreements with the goal of improving student outcomes and executing with excellence a specific model. Innovation schools are governed by the Innovation Schools Act (§ 22-32.5-107, C.R.S).

Innovation SchoolsGrades (at scale)Innovation PlanWaiversYear Innovation ApprovedNext Renewal
Abraham Lincoln High School9-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2020-212022-23
Beach CourtE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2018-192022-23
Bear Valley International6-8PlanSee Innovation Plan2016-172022-23
Centennial SchoolE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2012-132022-23
Compassion Road Academy9-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2013-142022-23
Center for Talent Development at GreenleeE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2018-192022-23
DCIS at FairmontE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2012-132022-23
DCIS at FordE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2010-112022-23
Denver Center for 21st Century Learning6-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2010-112022-23
Denver Discovery School6-8PlanSee Innovation Plan2014-152022-23
Denver Public Montessori Jr/Sr6-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2012-132022-23
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College6-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2008-092022-23
DSISD9-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2015-162022-23
Excel Academy9-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2012-132022-23
Godsman ElementaryE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2010-112022-23
GoldrickK-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2016-172022-23
Green Valley ElementaryE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2010-112022-23
Inspire ElementaryK-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2017-182022-23
International Academy of Denver at HarringtonE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2016-172022-23
Isabella Bird Community SchoolE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2013-142022-23
Joe Shoemaker SchoolE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2015-162022-23
John H. Amesse Elementary, part of the Montbello Children's NetworkE-5Plan See Innovation Plan2018-192022-23
Legacy Options HS9-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2015-162022-23
Manual High School9-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2008-092022-23
McGlone Academy, part of the Montbello Children's NetworkE-6PlanSee Innovation Plan2010-112022-23
Merrill Middle School6-8PlanSee Innovation Plan2019-202022-23
Montclair School of Academics and EnrichmentE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2008-092022-23
Morey Middle School6-8PlanSee Innovation Plan2017-182022-23
Northeast Early College9-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2010-112022-23
Oakland ElementaryE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2013-142022-23
Robert F. Smith STEAM Academy9-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2021-222023-24
Schmitt ElementaryK-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2016-172022-23
Summit Academy6-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2010-112022-23
Trevista at Horrace MannE-8PlanSee Innovation Plan2011-122022-23
Valverde ElementaryK-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2016-172022-23
Vista Academy6-12PlanSee Innovation Plan2010-112022-23
WhittierK-8PlanSee Innovation Plan2009-102022-23
Willow ElementaryE-5PlanSee Innovation Plan2014-152022-23

What is an innovation zone (iZone)?

An innovation zone is a group of public innovation schools that share common interests and seek additional flexibility. There are two types of iZones:

  • iZones with Governance Innovations: These zones operate separately from the district instructional network structure and are overseen by an external nonprofit and its board. This board is responsible for support and oversight of the member schools, although the district maintains ultimate legal responsibility for the schools.
  • iZones within District Network Structure: These zones allow schools the opportunity to organize around common interests, while remaining within district network and reporting structures. Some additional autonomies are available to these schools. (Note: There are currently not any approved iZones of this type.)
iZoneNameGrades (at scale)SPF Rating (2018-19)Innovation PlanWaiversYear Innovation BeganYear Joined iZoneNext Renewal - SchoolNext Renewal - iZone
Beacon Network SchoolsGrant Beacon MS6-8Meets ExpectationsPlanSee Innovation Plan2011-1220182022-232022-23
Beacon Network SchoolsKepner Beacon MS6-8Meets ExpectationsPlanSee Innovation Plan2016-1720182022-232022-23
Luminary Learning NetworkAshley Elementary SchoolE-5Accredited on WatchPlanSee Innovation Plan2013-1420162022-232022-23
Luminary Learning NetworkCole Arts and ScienceE-5Accredited on Priority WatchPlanSee Innovation Plan2008-0920162022-232022-23
Luminary Learning NetworkCreativity Challenge Community (C3)1-5Meets ExpectationsPlanSee Innovation Plan2011-1220162022-232022-23
Luminary Learning NetworkDenver Green School Northfield6-8N/APlanSee Innovation Plan2019-2020192022-232022-23
Luminary Learning NetworkDenver Green School SoutheastK-8DistinguishedPlanSee Innovation Plan2009-1020162022-232022-23
Luminary Learning NetworkValdez ElementaryE-5Meets ExpectationsPlanSee Innovation Plan2009-1020182022-232022-23
Northeast Denver Innovation ZoneMcAuliffe International School6-8DistinguishedPlanSee Innovation Plan2010-1120182022-232022-23
Northeast Denver Innovation ZoneMcAuliffe Manual6-8Accredited on Priority WatchPlanSee Innovation Plan2016-1720182022-232022-23
Northeast Denver Innovation ZoneNorthfield High School9-12Accredited on WatchPlanSee Innovation Plan2015-1620182022-232022-23
Northeast Denver Innovation ZoneSwigert International SchoolE-5Meets ExpectationsPlanSee Innovation Plan2010-1120182022-232022-23

What is a DPS charter school?

DPS charter schools are public, independently operated schools. Each charter school board has a contract with the DPS Board of Education that outlines their operating terms, including performance goals, program elements, and required compliance with State and Federal Requirements. In Colorado, charter schools are operated pursuant to the Colorado Charter Schools Act. All DPS charter schools are nonprofit organizations. Contracts for individual schools can be found by searching for the school name on BoardDocs. (Note: All contracts begin on July 1 of the current contract term and end on June 30 of the current contract term.)

Charter Schools

Charter School (school website links below)Grades (at scale)Financial InformationYear OpenCurrent Contract Term
5280 High School9-12Financials2018-192022-2024
Academy 360E-5Financials2013-142021-2023
AUL Denver9-12Financials2005-062021-2025
American Indian Academy of Denver6-12Financials2020-212020-2024
Colorado High School Charter - Osage9-12Financials2002-032021-2025
Colorado High School Charter - GES9-12Financials2017-182021-2023
Compass Academy6-12Financials2015-162022-2024 (Possible Extension Through 2026)
Denver Justice High School9-12Financials2009-102022-2024 (Possible Extension Through 2026)
Denver Language SchoolK-8Financials2010-112022-2024 (Possible Extension Through 2027)
Downtown Denver Expeditionary SchoolK-5Financials2013-142019-2023
DSST: Byers HS9-12Financials2016-172020-2025
DSST: Byers MS6-8Financials2013-142022-2027
DSST: Cole HS9-12Financials2014-152021-2025
DSST: Cole MS6-8Financials2011-122021-2023
DSST: College View HS9-12Financials2015-162019-2024
DSST: College View MS6-8Financials2012-132020-2025
DSST: Conservatory Green MS6-8Financials2014-152018-2023
DSST: Conservatory Green HS9-12Financials2017-182021-2024 (Possible Extension Through 2026)
DSST: Elevate Northeast HS9-12 Financials2021-222021-2025
DSST: Green Valley Ranch HS9-12Financials2011-122019-2024
DSST: Green Valley Ranch MS6-8Financials2010-112018-2023
DSST: Elevate Northeast Middle School6-8Financials2018-192022-2027
DSST: Montview HS9-12Financials2003-042018-2023
DSST: Montview MS6-12Financials2003-042018-2023
French American School of DenverK-8 Financials2021-222021-2025
Girls Athletic Leadership School HS9-12Financials2014-152021-2023
Girls Athletic Leadership School MS6-8Financials2010-112022-2027
Highline Academy NortheastE-5Financials2014-152020-2023
Highline Academy SoutheastE-8Financials2004-052022-2027
KIPP Denver Collegiate HS9-12Financials2009-102020-2024
KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy9-12Financials2015-162019-2024
KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School5-8Financials2011-122019-2023
KIPP Northeast ElementaryE-4Financials2015-162021-2023
KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy5-8Financials2002-032022-2024 (Possible Extension Through 2026)
KIPP Sunshine Peak Elementary E-4Financials2018-192022-2024 (Possible Extension Through 2026)
Monarch MontessoriK-5Financials2012-132022-2024 (Possible Extension Through 2026)
Odyssey School of DenverK-8Financials2003-042021-2026
Omar D. Blair Charter SchoolK-8Financials2003-042020-2024
Rise Up Community School9-12Financials2015-162022-2024
Rocky Mountain Prep BerkeleyE-5Financials2018-192022-2024 (Possible Extension Through 2026)
Rocky Mountain Prep CreeksideE-5Financials2012-132019-2024
Rocky Mountain Prep SouthwestE-5Financials2015-162021-2023
SOAR at Green Valley RanchK-5Financials2010-112018-2023
STRIVE Prep - Federal6-8Financials2006-072019-2024
STRIVE Prep - GVR6-8Financials2012-132022-2027
STRIVE Prep - Kepner6-8Financials2016-172020-2023
STRIVE Prep - Lake6-8Financials2010-112021-2023
STRIVE Prep - Noel6-8Financials2012-132022-2024
STRIVE Prep - Rise9-12Financials2016-172020-2024
STRIVE Prep - Ruby Hill ElementaryK-5Financials2014-152018-2023
STRIVE Prep - SMART Academy9-12Financials2012-132020-2023
STRIVE Prep - Sunnyside6-8Financials2010-112020-2023
STRIVE Prep - Westwood6-8Financials2009-102022-2024
University Prep - ArapahoeK-5Financials2011-122018-2023
University Prep at Steele StreetK-5Financials2016-172020-2024
Wyatt Academy CharterK-5Financials2003-042019-2023