Authorizing & Accountability

Meet Our Team

Tayo Adeeko, Director of Authorizing & Accountability

Tayo oversees the authorizing and accountability processes for the DPS’ family of schools.

Max Tweten, Senior Authorizing Specialist

Max supports authorizing processes for DPS’ family of schools (including new district-run and charter schools, innovation schools, and innovation zones). Contact Max with questions about logistics for these processes, or with questions about charter schools in their Year Zero.

Kelsey Leachko, Specialist, Accountability

Kelsey supports accountability systems with a focus on charter schools, including site visits, contracts, and systems of on-going oversight.

Samuel Liddell, Specialist, Accountability

Samuel supports accountability systems with a focus on innovation schools, including plan development, waivers, and partnerships with other departments.

Brooke Parsons, Data Analyst

Brooke supports authorizing and accountability through data analysis and evidence based decision making.  She provides school and student level analysis to support accountability systems and continuous improvement.