Portfolio Management Team

The Portfolio Management Team (PMT) supports school empowerment and shared accountability across the DPS family of schools and serves as the school authorizing office for DPS. For questions about our work, please reach out to the appropriate team member, as listed below.


Join Our Team

Interested in joining our team? Here are our current openings:

  • Operational Support Manager: provides direct support to DPS innovation zone and charter schools, helping them to address operational issues so they can focus on serving thousands of Denver kids. The role will be a liaison with more autonomous schools and with operational support teams, partnering to address sticky problems and further integrate these schools into DPS systems and processes. We’re looking for someone who enjoys facilitating problem-solving across multiple groups, working with both details and strategy, and building relationships to foster a culture of partnership and collaboration.
    For more information and to apply, click here.
  • Program Manager, Tiered Quality Assurance: This role leads the tiered quality assurance program, including providing oversights, optional supports, and continuous progress monitoring for DPS charter schools.  This role will create access to high-quality supports to help drive gains in school performance, including but not limited to creation of peer-to-peer learning opportunities, leading of school site visits, and collaboration with charter partners to improve and streamline support services. We’re looking for someone who can develop deep relationships through which to provide coaching, thought-partnership, and research-based feedback to build the capacity of charter school leaders and their boards. And we want a leader who can ensure that issues of equity are integrated into tiering criteria, processes, and supports.
    For more information and to apply, click here.

Meet Our Team


Jennifer Holladay, Associate Chief, Portfolio Management
(720) 423-3709 |
Jennifer is responsible for leveraging portfolio strategies to ensure students and families have great public school choices.


Lauren Anderson, Manager, Flexibility and School Support
(720) 423-2159|
Lauren oversees Universal Flexibilities for the DPS family of schools, supporting leaders as they navigate the district’s menu of options. She liaises between the district and iZones, building and managing efficient communication and operational systems, and she supports both the charter and iZone specialized funding models.


Ericka Burns, Manager, Policy
(720) 423-9662|
Ericka manages the policy initiatives for the Portfolio Management Team, including the School Performance Framework (SPF) and the School Performance Compact (SPC), as well as other new and pertinent policies and initiatives.


Sophie Gullett, Data Analyst
(720) 423-2341 |
Sophie oversees all things data related for the Portfolio Management Team.


Angie McPhaul, Senior Manager, Authorizing
(720) 423-2075 |
Angie leads our authorizing processes, including front-end new and innovation school authorizing as well as innovation and charter renewal.



Matt Meyer, Manager, Accountability
(720) 423-2536 |
Matt manages our accountability systems including charter renewal, innovation renewal and other on-going accountability processes.


Elizabeth Stamberger, Associate Director, Ecosystem and School Support
(720) 423-2192 |
Elizabeth ensures that each school in our family of schools is supported and empowered.


Max Tweten, Associate, School Development
(720) 423-3584 |
Max supports authorizing processes for DPS’ family of schools. Contact Max with questions about logistics for these processes, or with questions about charter schools in their Year Zero.


Becky Zachmeier, Specialist, Accountability
(720) 423-3826 |
Given her past experience as a school leader, Becky contributes that perspective and skill set to the Accountability Team on renewal processes for charter schools and innovation plan revision and renewal.