In Denver, we are proud of our diverse family of schools. We collaborate with and support every school in this family, including innovation zone and charter schools, which are two types of independently run DPS public schools. With a strong foundation and regular collaboration structures, we are proud to have one of the most collaborative district-charter relationships in the country.

There are several collaboration structures to ensure schools’ voices are heard and considered. Each is an opportunity for two-way communication between schools and the district.

Our collaboration structures

The council, made up of senior district leaders and charter representatives, meets regularly to discuss and develop policy recommendations that improve the way that DPS and its charter schools work together. It is the primary mechanism for collaboration between these two groups. In addition, decisions made by this body often inform positive change for the entire district. Members of the Council are guided by joint commitments to:

  • The three equities of responsibility, access, and accountability;
  • The value of sharing best practices and collaborating among multiple school types; and
  • Sustaining charter school autonomy.

For more information, read the Collaborative Council’s original overview of its structure and responsibilities.

This quarterly meeting is an opportunity for all charter school leaders to hear from and provide feedback to the district on a wide array of topics.

More details to come; will launch in the 2019-2020 school year.

For more information about any of the structures above, please reach out to

Five teachers and school staff members standing in a group outside of their school