Assess School Performance

At DPS, accountability means taking responsibility for our individual and collective commitments. In particular, DPS believes all schools – regardless of governance type or model – are responsible for serving all of our students with excellence.

In order to assess how well schools accomplish this, DPS uses a School Performance Framework (SPF) that considers how schools perform on a variety of indicators from student growth and proficiency to attendance and satisfaction. If a school does not show improvement after receiving extra time and resources, it may be necessary to make a change in order to ensure our vision, Every Child Succeeds.

In addition to the SPF, the Portfolio Management Team runs rigorous accountability processes – such as charter renewal and innovation renewal – that use the SPF and other data to inform school improvement and their agreements with the district.

The School Performance Compact is a DPS Board Policy that addresses our most persistently low-performing schools across all governance types.

Further, the Portfolio Management Team holds itself accountable by issuing an annual Accountability Report, which reflects on the performance for our entire family of schools as well as the Portfolio Management Team’s actions in the previous year.

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How We Assess Our Schools

Accountability Processes

A high level of autonomy requires an equally high level of accountability. We lead the renewal process in charter and innovation schools in order to present a recommendation for renewal, non-renewal, or closure.

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School Performance Framework

The SPF measures many important aspects of what makes a great school and how well the school serves all of its students.

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School Performance Compact

The SPC establishes a transparent and consistent policy to address our most persistently low-performing schools, to ensure that all students have access to high-quality schools that prepare them to succeed.

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PMT Accountability Report

PMT's annual Accountability Report reflects on the performance of the DPS family of schools as well as PMT’s actions in the previous year.

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