The Call and Applicant Supports

The Portfolio Management Team offers resources for prospective applicants intending to apply as a new or replicating school or schools seeking a new district facility. These resources are designed to:

  • Provide relevant information and ensure all applicants have equitable access to information regarding the Call process,
  • Improve the overall quality of applications received by clarifying expectations, and
  • Educate applicants about district needs, community engagement processes, enrollment, and performance trends.

Enrollment growth in the Greater Park Hill-Stapleton enrollment zone has created the need for a new middle school to begin operation fall 2019, to be identified through the Call for New Quality Schools (the Call) process in partnership with the community. To learn more, read the 2018 Supplementary Call for New Quality Schools. To apply, see the application materials below. Letters of Intent were due August 6, 2018.

The Portfolio Management Team is pleased to offer a number of resources to potential new school applicants, including in-person supports, online workshops, and informational screencasts. View our supports below or contact Max Tweten for more information.

In-person workshops are available during an active Call cycle and include experts from Budget & Finance, the English Language Acquisition Department, the Special Education Department, and the Portfolio Management Team. Applicants can gain an overview of the Call process and have open time to engage with content experts. These sessions are designed for all applicants.

In addition, the Portfolio Management Team holds office for all applicants. Office hours are a first-come, first-serve opportunity for applicants to ask questions, learn about the process, or explore DPS needs. Outside of specified office hours, PMT is always willing to meet with interested partners. Contact the Portfolio Management Team (include subject line “School Development Team”) to set up a time.

This page will be updated soon with available supports for schools seeking to meet the middle school need identified in the 2018 Supplemental Call for New Quality Schools.

The Portfolio Management Team uses online webinars to walk applicants through the new school applications and rubrics as well as through any changes from last year’s application. In addition, the team provides an overview of the quality review process and answers any initial questions applicants may have. These sessions are designed for first-time applicants and will not cover iZones or replication applications specifically.

Past Webinars:

We will not be providing any online supports during the 2018 Supplemental Call.

In addition, the Portfolio Management Team has also compiled the following resources for school developers to consult prior to reaching out to DPS for assistance:

Individuals or teams interested in applying for the Call for New Quality Schools should contact Angie McPhaul, Senior Manager of Authorizing, for more information and to ensure they’re included in all communications and updates about the new schools process.

Four smiling middle school students sitting outside of their building

**News and Updates**

Apply to be a Member of the Greater Park Hill-Stapleton Middle School Placement Committee

Interested in serving on the Placement Committee that will make a recommendation regarding the new middle school in Greater Park Hill-Stapleton? Then complete and submit an application by October 15. Final decisions on Placement Committee Applications will be made and communicated to all Placement Committee Applicants no later than October 30th. See the application for

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Give Your Feedback on Community Priorities for New GPHS Middle School

DPS is working with the Greater Park Hill-Stapleton community to understand what families want to see in a new middle school, as we know people have strong opinions about what makes a high-quality school. This step will include independent polling of families in the enrollment zone, followed by public community meetings on the following dates

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