Renewal Processes

DPS believes that all students deserve high-quality schools that prepare them to graduate ready for college and career. The Portfolio Management Team runs the following accountability processes across our family of schools with the belief that we are all accountable for these strong student outcomes, as defined in the Denver Plan 2020.

For questions regarding our Accountability Processes, please contact Kelsey Leachko, Program Specialist, Accountability.

All charter schools undergo a rigorous renewal process led by the Portfolio Management Team during the fall of the final year of their current contract term.

Renewal recommendations are made based upon a body of evidence of the school’s academic and organizational performance, with academic performance being the primary consideration.

The body of evidence that informs a renewal decision includes:

  • School Performance Framework results, which reflect a comprehensive analysis of student academic outcomes, parent satisfaction and student satisfaction;
  • A renewal application;
  • A renewal site visit that includes classroom observations, teacher and leader interviews, and student and parent focus groups; and
  • An examination of school governance and financial sustainability, including a board meeting visit, board leader interviews, and a financial analysis.

The charter renewal process gives charter schools an opportunity to present clear and compelling evidence regarding how well they are serving their students. It also provides the school an occasion to examine progress towards meeting its mission, assess its strengths and needs, and plan a strategy for continuous improvement.

Finally, although it is never an ideal outcome, sometimes during the renewal process, it becomes evident that a school must close in order to improve student achievement.

Both district-run innovation schools and iZones undergo review processes, called Innovation Renewal, in order to allow them to reflect on their progress, make revisions to their plans, and reinvest in their communities’ vision.

Visit this link for more information about Innovation School Renewal in 22-23.

  • District-run Innovation School Renewal: The Innovation Schools Act requires that all innovation schools go through a renewal of their status at least every three years. The renewal process is an opportunity for DPS to review the impact of innovation status on a school’s performance, as well as for the school community to reflect on their strategic innovation plan as a tool to improve student achievement.
    There are five required elements for innovation renewal:

    1. Legally required revisions in a school’s innovation plan narrative and waivers around changed Federal policy, changed District policy or CBA contract changes.
    2. One- or two-page summary letter from the school principal describing innovation strategies implemented at the school and the resulting impact.
    3. Revised academic goals for the next three years and explicit connection of these goals to the innovation plan strategies.
    4. Updates to the innovation plan that reflect current programming or school model.
    5. Staff, community and administrator consent votes.
  • iZone Renewal: All iZones must apply for renewal at least every three years. The iZone-specific performance goals are used to assess progress along with indicators of organizational and financial health.
Male teacher and female high school student sitting at a table looking at a workbook