Meet the Members of the GPHS Placement Committee

The following community members have been selected by an Appointments Committee to serve on the Placement Review Committee for the Fall 2018 Supplemental Call for New Quality Schools. The Appointments committee included 3 DPS staff and 3 community members, including a charter school leader from the area, a Strengthening Neighborhood Initiative (SNI) representative, and a Stapleton United Neighbors (SUN) officer. They reviewed self-nomination forms from community members seeking to serve on the Placement Review Committee. The Placement Committee also includes 3 DPS staff representatives. The Committee will hold its first meeting on 11/15/18 and reserves the right to add additional members if needed to support a high quality process.

If you have questions about the Committee or would like to speak with members, please email and we can coordinate.


Appointments Committee Selections:

  • Robyn Broghammer
  • Ashley Walsh
  • Allyson Breyfogle
  • Tom Holdsworth
  • Alison Shah
  • Sarah DeFries
  • Katherine Sheldon
  • Cassandra Fatouros
  • Annalee Mcbee