Being a Charter School Parent

What does it meant to be a charter school parent?

  • Your child attends a tuition-free public school
  • Your child takes all required state assessments
  • Your child applies to enroll at this School through the DPS SchoolChoice process, like all other public schools
  • Your child will receive free or reduced price lunch, if they are eligible
  • Your child’s core subject teachers are Highly Qualified
  • Your child will receive any needed special education services, as described in their IEP
  • Your child may be taught using a different schedule, curriculum, or methods than in other DPS schools
  • Your child’s teacher and principal are not employees of DPS and therefore complaints should be filed with the School’s governing Board
  • Your child’s school will be held accountable for results by their authorizer (DPS)
  • The primary avenue for parent voice across al charter schools is the School Accountability Committee (SAC) which provides input to the School’s governing board