File a Report/Concern

If parents or community members have a concern about any DPS charter or contract school, they should contact the DPS Office of Family and Community Engagement ( or 720.423.3054).

Parents are also welcome to contact the Portfolio Management Team so we are aware of parent concerns.  Portfolio Management Team will generally refer parents to the school leader and/or school’s board to try to resolve the issue unless it appears to be an issue where the school is violating state or federal law or the safety of students is at risk. In this case, the Portfolio Management Team may take additional steps in addition to contacting the school leader.

If a parent or community member has a concern that a school has violated the law, applicable district policy, a charter contract or student safety responsibilities AND problem-solving efforts with school leadership, charter operator, and board of directors fails to satisfactorily address these concerns, then the parent may appeal to the Denver Public School’s Portfolio Management Team for assistance in resolving the issue.  When warranted, PMT officials will engage the DPS General Counsel and/ or external authorities to investigate and or/ address an issue.  The decision documented by the Portfolio Management Team shall represent the input and final decision of the DPS leadership team.

Where the issue involves a criminal violation of the law (e.g., a parent believes his or her child has been physically abused by a school employee or another student), the parent should immediately contact the Denver Police Department and the Denver Department of Health Services (Report Child Abuse: 720.944.3000).  School and district personnel are Mandated Reporters, who are required to notify DHS and the Portfolio Management Team upon notification or substantiated suspicion that a student has been abused and will do so if we receive a complaint alleging abuse of a student.