School Development

Year-0 cohort

DPS provides monthly workshops for school leaders that are opening new schools within one year. Workshops are intended to build connections between new school leaders and key departmental leaders in DPS, however we will also have an open door approach and reach out to anyone interested in pursuing school leadership in the district who would like to access this information as a professional learning opportunity.

Year-0 Workshop Goals:

  • Establishing a community of school leaders and DPS central office staff that support the start-up of new schools.
  • Monitoring progress throughout the implementation of new school proposals approved by the DPS Board of Education and ensuring all conditions on school approvals are satisfied.
  • Sharing best practices amongst the cohort regarding school start-up through the School Quality Framework (SQF)–School Culture, Educational Program, Leadership, Teaching, and Governance.

Participant Expectations:

  • Each workshops is voluntary, however school leaders are responsible for acquiring the necessary information provided to successfully open their school.
  • School leaders are strongly encouraged to attend all or targeted portions of each session (as they determine necessary).

For more information about Year-0, please see our Year-0 Guidebook or contact:

Chris Dewitt
(720) 423-3260


Innovation School Planning

What is an Innovation School?


…“each  school district board of education is strongly encouraged to delegate to each public school a high degree of autonomy in implementing curriculum, making personnel decisions, organizing the school day, determining the most effective use of resources …to meet the needs of the population of students it serves…

    (b) to encourage intentionally diverse approaches to learning and education within individual school districts;
    (c) to improve educational performance through greater individual school autonomy and managerial flexibility;
    (e) to encourage innovation in education by providing local school communities and principals with greater control over levels of staffing, personnel selection and evaluation, scheduling, and educational programming with the goal of achieving improved student achievement;
    (f) to encourage school districts and public schools to find new ways to allocate resources, including through implementation of specialized school budgets, for the benefit of the students they serve; and
    (g) to hold public schools that receive greater autonomy under this article accountable for student  academic achievement…”

What is an Innovation Plan?

School Design

  • A strategic plan for a school designed around a mission and vision:
  • School Quality Framework (Culture, Leadership, Educational Program, Teaching, Governance)

Waivers and Replacement Policies

  • District Policies
  • CBA Articles
  • State Statutes

For more information, contact:

Joe Amundsen
(720) 423-2585