Information for Parents: Charter Renewal

Every charter school undergoes a rigorous renewal process during the Fall prior to the completion of its charter term to determine whether or not the school can continue to operate. The renewal process includes the submission of a renewal application, a renewal site visit, and an analysis of all evidence related to the charter school’s performance, including quantitative and qualitative evidence collected through the District’s charter school accountability process. The application for renewal of a charter is the school’s opportunity to present evidence that demonstrates success in the three areas of charter school accountability: faithfulness to the charter, academic program success, and organizational viability. The application process also allows the school to examine its practices and decisions over the current charter term, offer explanations for any performance or operational issues, identify actions taken to correct past problems, and provide information regarding the school’s plans for improvement in the future.

Parent perspective is an important component to the renewal cycle. Parent perspective is collected in at least three ways: through the district’s annual parent satisfaction survey which is distributed to all parents, a smaller parent focus group during renewal, and community comments made to the Portfolio Management Team. If you would like to get involved in your school’s renewal process, please contact your SAC or principal.

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