Charter Renewal Decisions and Timeline

In accordance with Colorado Charter Schools Act 22-30.5-110, charters may be renewed for up to five years by the Denver Public Schools Board of Education.

Charter School
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Grades (at scale)
SPF Rating (2015-16)
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Year Open
Contract Term
Academy 360E-5FNEMeets Expectations2013-142017-2019 (Possible Extension Through 2021)
Academy of Urban Learning9-12NWAccredited on Probation2005-062017-2019 (Possible Extension Through 2020)
ACE Community Challenge8-10NWAccredited on Watch2000-012017-18
Cesar Chavez Academy DenverK-8NWAccredited on Probation2009-102017-2018
Colorado High Charter9-12NWMeets Expectations2002-032015-2016 (Possible Extension Through 2018)
Compass Academy6-12SWAccredited on Probation2015-162015-2019
Denver Language SchoolK-8NNEMeets Expectations2010-112017-2020 (Possible Extension Through 2022)
Downtown Denver Expeditionary SchoolK-5NNEAccredited on Watch2013-142017-2019 (Possible Extension Through 2021)
DSST: Byers HS9-12SEN/A2016-172016-2020
DSST: Byers MS6-8SEDistinguished2013-142017-2022
DSST: Cole HS9-12NNEDistinguished2014-152014-2018
DSST: Cole MS6-8NNEAccredited on Watch2011-122017-2019 (Possible Extension Through 2021)
DSST: College View HS9-12SWDistinguished2015-162015-2019
DSST: College View MS6-8SWMeets Expectations2012-132015-2018 (Possible Extension Through 2020)
DSST: Conservatory Green MS6-8NNEMeets Expectations2014-152014-2018
DSST: Green Valley Ranch HS9-12FNEDistinguished2011-122014-2017 (Possible Extension Through 2019)
DSST: Green Valley Ranch MS6-8FNEMeets Expectations2010-112013-2016 (Possible Extension Through 2018)
DSST: Henry MS6-8SWN/A2016-172016-2020
DSST: Stapleton HS9-12NNEDistinguished2003-042013-2018
DSST: Stapleton MS6-8NNEMeets Expectations2003-042013-2018
Girls Athletic Leadership School HS9-12NWAccredited on Watch2013-20142013-2018
Girls Athletic Leadership School MS6-8NWMeets Expectations2010-112017-2022
Highline Academy Charter SEE-8SEMeets Expectations2004-052017-2020 (Possible Extension Through 2022)
Highline Academy Charter NEE-8FNEMeets Expectations2014-152014-2018
Justice HS9-12NWAccredited on Probation2009-102016-2018 (Possible Extension Through 2019)
KIPP Denver Collegiate HS9-12SWMeets Expectations2009-102015-2020
KIPP Montbello College Prep MS5-8FNEAccredited on Priority Watch2011-122017-2019 (Possible Extension Through 2020)
KIPP Montbello Elementary SchoolE-4FNEMeets Expectations2015-162015-2019
KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy9-12FNEDistinguished2015-162015-2019
KIPP Sunshine Peak5-8SWMeets Expecations2002-032017-2022
Monarch MontessoriK-5FNEAccredited on Watch2012-132017-2019 (Possible Extension Through 2020)
Odyssey CharterK-8NNEMeets Expectations2003-042016-2021
Omar D. Blair-Edison CharterK-8FNEAccredited on Watch2003-042015-2020
REACH Charter SchoolE-5NNEMeets Expectations2015-162015-2019
Ridge View Academy Charter9-12FNEAccredited on Watch2001-022017-2020 (Possible Extension Through 2022)
Rise Up Community School9-12NWAccredited on Probation2015-162015-2019
Rocky Mountain Prep CreeksideE-5SEMeets Expectations2012-132015-2017 (Possible Extension Through 2019)
Rocky Mountain Prep SouthwestE-5SWMeets Expectations2015-162015-2019
Rocky Mtn School of Expeditionary LearningK-8SEN/A2001-02N/A
Roots ElementaryK-5NNEAccredited on Probation2015-162015-2019
SOAR at Green Valley RanchK-5FNEAccredited on Watch2010-112015-2016 (Possible Extension Through 2018)
STRIVE Prep - Excel9-12NWMeets Expectations2013-142017-2020 (Possible Extension Through 2022)
STRIVE Prep - Federal6-8SWMeets Expectations2006-072014-2019
STRIVE Prep - GVR6-8FNEMeets Expectations2012-132015-2018 (Possible Extension Through 2020)
STRIVE Prep - Kepner6-8SWN/A2016-172016-2020
STRIVE Prep - Lake6-8NWMeets Expectations2010-112016-2018 (Possible Extension Through 2021)
STRIVE Prep - Montbello6-8FNEMeets Expectations2012-132015-2018 (Possible Extension Through 2020)
STRIVE Prep - Rise9-12FNEN/A2016-172016-2020
STRIVE Prep - Ruby Hill ElementaryK-5SWDistinguished2014-152014-2018
STRIVE Prep - SMART9-12SWAccredited on Watch2012-132017-2019 (Possible Extension Through 2021)
STRIVE Prep - Sunnyside6-8NWMeets Expectations2010-112013-2016 (Possible Extension Through 2018)
STRIVE Prep - Westwood6-8SWMeets Expectations2009-102017-2020 (Possible Extension Through 2022)
SW Early College9-12SWAccredited on Watch2004-052017-2019 (Possible Extension Through 2021)
University Prep - ArapahoeK-5NNEDistinguished2011-122014-2016 (Possible Extension Through 2018)
University Prep at Steele StreetK-5NNEN/A2016-172016-2020
Venture Prep HS9-12NNEAccredited on Probation2009-102016-2018 (Possible Extension Through 2020)
Wyatt Academy CharterK-8NNEAccredited on Watch2003-042017-2019 (Possible Extension Through 2020)