A high level of autonomy requires an equally high level of accountability. Denver Public Schools holds its autonomous schools accountable for meeting agreed upon student achievement goals while demonstrating operational integrity, fiscal soundness, and legal compliance. The Portfolio Management Team leads the renewal process in charter and innovation schools in order to present a recommendation for renewal, non-renewal, or school closure.

Charter Renewal

All charter schools undergo a rigorous renewal process during the Fall of their final year of their charter term. The charter renewal process gives charter schools an opportunity to present clear and compelling evidence regarding how well they are serving their students. Charter Renewal

Innovation Renewal

The Innovation Schools Act requires that all schools go through a renewal of their status every three years, or more frequently. This process is an opportunity for the District to review the impact of innovation status on a school’s performance, as well as for the school community to reflect on their plan and continued commitment to innovation status as a tool to improve student achievement. Innovation Renewal