Tiered Quality Assurance (TQA)

Goals of Tiered Quality Assurance

  • Tiered Quality Assurance (TQA) is a process designed to support underperforming charter schools in making adequate progress towards District expectations while honoring charter school autonomy.
  • The TQA process aims to achieve this goal primarily though building the capacity of charter school leaders and Boards to improve the school’s program in alignment with the school’s mission.

School Tiering

Schools are tiered based on academic (including performance of English Language Learners), financial, and governance concerns identified through tools such as the School Performance Framework, Financial Performance Framework, and School Quality Framework.  All schools are placed into one of three tiers.  Schools at the higher tiers receive both increased support and accountability.

School Tiering pyramid


Required Activities for Tiered Schools

School Tiering pyramid


Optional Supports for Tiered Schools

optional supports tiering


For additional information on Tiered Quality Assurance, contact

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