School Closure


  • While school closure is never an ideal outcome, it is sometimes necessary in order to improve student achievement.
  • If the DPS Board of Education or the school decides to close a charter school, the District and school work closely together to protect the interests of students and families, as well as to ensure public funds are handled appropriately.
  • For additional details on the closure process please see┬áthe School Closure Handbook.

History of Charter School Closures

  • DPS is committed to high expectations for all schools, District-run and charter, and has taken action with charter schools based on low academic performance.
  • Additionally, several schools have demonstrated a commitment to students and shared accountability by surrendering their charters when they were not meeting performance benchmarks.

Charter School Closure List

Charter School
Year Opened
Date of Closure Decision
Last Year of Operation
Type of Closure
Reason for Closure
Pioneer Charter2005-06Spring 20152015-16School Surrender (outside of renewal timeframe)Voluntary School Decision
Escuela Tlatelolco (Contract School; Closure Refers to End of Contract with DPS)2004-05 (Year of Contracting with DPS)June, 20162015-16Contract School; No Longer Operating as Part of DPSAcademic
Sims Fayola2012-13January, 20152014-15School SurrenderAcademic and Financial
VenturePrep MS2009-10November, 20122014-15School SurrenderAcademic
SOAR Oakland2011-12November, 20132013-14School SurrenderAcademic
Northeast Academy2003-04November, 20122012-13School SurrenderAcademic
Life Skills2004-05November, 20112011-12DPS Board DecisionAcademic
Manny Martinez2009-10November, 20102011-12DPS Board DecisionAcademic
PS 12000-01November, 20092010-11DPS Board DecisionAcademic
DATA2003-04December, 20092009-10DPS Board DecisionsFinancial
Skyland Community High School2003-04November, 20092009-10DPS Board DecisionAcademic
Amandla Charter Academy2008-09May, 20092008-09DPS Board DecisionAcademic
Challenges, Choices & Images Charter School2000-01September, 20082008-09School SurrenderAcademic
KIPP @ Cole2005-06January, 20072007-08School SurrenderOperational