Charter Instructional Services Advisory (CH-ISA) Team

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Make recommendations in regards to student Identification, Redesignation, Monitoring, Re-entry into program (if needed)
  • Review services provided to newly identified ELLs
  • Monitor identification of ELLs to identify potentially inappropriate identification and placement
  • Review English Language Proficiency (ELP) and Academic Progress of all ELLs (including those who have declined services)
  • Identify ELLs in need of intervention to address the student’s instructional needs
  • Make decisions based on examination of a body of evidence
  • Communicate and collaborate with parents throughout the identification, placement, redesignation and monitoring processes
  • Ensure that parent communications are translated into home languages
  • Ensure that all documentation is on file and accessible if the school is selected for an audit by the Department of Justice and/or independent Court Monitor.
  • Consists of 3 members including the school’s ELA Administrator. CH-ISA team members may required to attend annual training sessions.

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