English Language Acquisition

ELA Compliance

In April 2013, Denver Public Schools began implemeting a newly-revised and approved consent decree that will improve English Language Learner (ELL) instruction to better serve Denver’s students. The Consent Decree specifically references charter schools in Chapter 8. ELA Compliance

English Language Development (ELD)

In compliance with the Consent Decree and the Charter Contract, all charters are mandated to offer a daily English Language Development block for ELLs of at least 45 minutes. English Language Development (ELD)

Assessment of English Learners

English Learners must follow specific assessment compliance to monitor their progress. Assessment of English Learners

ELA Teacher Certification

As per the Charter Contract, teachers at charter schools must meet ELA teacher qualifications. ELA Teacher Certification

Charter Instructional Services Advisory Team (CH-ISA)

The CH-ISA Team advocates for students by ensuring correct identification and placement in program services as well as monitoring on-going academic progress to guarantee that students are receiving appropriate instruction.   Charter Instructional Services Advisory Team (CH-ISA).

English Program “Lifecycle”

The Lifecycle of an English Learner represents each of the states that students pass through on their journey to becoming fully English proficient. English Program “Lifecycle”

ELA Registration Forms

As part of new student registration, parents must fill out specific forms to help identify whether a student should be in English language services. ELA Registration Forms