Our Processes

Call for New Quality Schools

The Portfolio Management Team serves as the sole authorizer for autonomous schools in Denver. Every year, DPS issues a “Call for New Quality Schools,” which articulates priority needs for new schools or additional capacity seats. Call for New Quality Schools

School Development

We support school development in one of two ways: 1) Year-0 cohort for newly approved schools; 2) Innovation school planning for existing schools seeking innovation status. School Development

Quality Assurance and Accountability

As an authorizer for autonomous schools, the Portfolio Management Team provides supports to and ensures compliance in charter schools in regards to annual reporting, tiered quality assurance, and, when necessary, school closure. Quality Assurance and Accountability


The Portfolio Management Team holds charter and innovation schools accountable for student outcomes while preserving autonomy through a renewal process. Renewal

ELA in Charter Schools

Charter schools are held to specific compliance requirements as outlined by Federal and State law, the Consent Decree, and the Charter Contract. ELA in Charter Schools