Our Portfolio

On the Portfolio Management Team (PMT), we are tasked with improving outcomes for all Denver students by recruiting and supporting a diverse portfolio of high-performing charter and innovation schools. As a team that deeply believes portfolio management team accountability reportin the DPS shared core value of accountability, we have created our first annual report in order to:

  • Inform stakeholders of the performance of our portfolio of schools, across governance-types,
  • Hold ourselves and our schools accountable for improving student performance; and
  • Build a common understanding of the PMT’s strategies and outcomes.

In this report, you’ll also read success stories from charter, innovation, and district-run schools that have been serving students at a high level. As we continue to refine our processes, we are heartened by the work going on in these schools and others like them, and are committed to expanding access to Great Schools in Every Neighborhood for all Denver students.

Read the complete accountability report here.